fresh in 3 minutes

Get back in shape after a long flight or a late night on town

Whether you're on the move or waking up tired after a long night, it's not time consuming or necessary with too much products to get fresh. In four simple steps, we help you giving an alert impression .


step 1 - wash your face

A thorough cleansing is the base for ALL skin care. It is the step that will give the biggest effect on your skin and should be performed both morning and evening. Start wetting your face with lukewarm water. Pour a small amount of cleanser, about the size of a hazel nut, for example. Truefitt & Hill Daily Facial Cleanser into your palms. Rub your hands against each other, then apply the gel to your face. Massage with gentle soft movements until a lightweight lather builds up. Rinse your face with lukewarm water and wipe your face with a towel, use gentle movements and avoid rubbing.

Step 2 - moisturize

In this step you moisturize with Truefitt & Hill Advanced Facial Moisturizer. If you've got problem skin you can start with  Dermalogica Overnight Clearing Gel on possible acne and blemishes. Bomb your skin with moisture through a shower of Dr K Soap Company Face Armour. Moisturizing is the last step and even this should be performed morning as well as evening.

Step 3 - open your eyes

Experience the biggest and fastest difference with an eye cream. Most likely, the eyes are the ones that reveal you the most. Red-eyed eyes, swollen eyelids and dark circles under the eyes tell tales about what has happened the night before. An eye cream or eye mask can't do everything, but it can make a big difference. Remember to apply the eye cream carefully, the skin around the eyes is extra sensitive

Step 4 - brush your teeth

Perhaps the most obvious step to get a fresh appearance! Pack a good tasting toothpaste for the travel. Feels both luxurious and becomes a fun color bomb in the bathroom. We have both toothpaste, mouth rinse and toothbrushes that give you fresh breath and clean teeth.